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A Brief History

I have a passion for classic cars, the smell, the aura & style I try to pass onto people who may have not yet discovered these wonderful things. My passion is also for aircraft. Cars & aircraft are inexorably connected.

John Williams has a long history of collecting and restoring classic cars since 1974. John has now teamed up with Historics at Brooklands and uses his knowledge and expertise to assist collectors and enthusiasts with the purchase and sale of their cherished classic and sports cars and has a proven track record of achieving above average results within the auction world. Historics at Brooklands has firmly established itself for the sale and purchase of the finest historic, classic and sports cars and motoring memorabilia and together, have a proven recipe for success.

Page 6 - History. Bulldog

Whilst at school I skived off & cycled 6 miles to Hurn Airport & scrounged flights at the Air Traffic school, this gave me many hours in De Haviland Doves. You can't do that sort of thing now! When I left school I went to the passenger air terminal at Hurn & asked for a job. A few phone calls later I found myself working at Glos Air, cleaning aircraft for £45 a week.

I soon applied for & joined the RAF as an aircraft technician working on many varieties of aircraft & helicopters, it must have been love, for at that time, I was only earning £15 a week.

The black & white picture above is me at 17 seeing in the first & new Scottish Aviation Bulldog to arrive at East Midlands University Air Squadron, RAF Newton, Nottinghamshire in 1974.

Page 6 - History. Spitfire

My first car was a Ford Anglia bought for £100 in 1974. A year later a bought a suit so that I could go to the bank manager & ask for a £200 loan to by a Triumph Herald. Can you imagine that now?

Whilst at RAF Benson and in charge of the aircraft structures bay, I had the honour of contributing work towards the restoration of 'Black Six', the Messerschmitt 109 Gustav. Towards the end of my time in the RAF, I worked for an organisation designing, developing & testing special forces equipment systems for air drop out of the C130 Hercules aircraft. We also did some other interesting stuff, such as moving a Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire to Nellis AFB for the USAF 50th Anniversary celibrations (see pic. I'm centre bottom)

This was a very exciting time especially as we worked a lot in California, Arizona & the Gulf of Mexico. It was whilst working in Arizona that I did a really silly thing. I agreed to jump out of a fully servicable & functioning aircraft at 12,000 feet, free fall to 5,000 feet & deploy the parachute which then felt like nothing else on earth, ouch. It is true, I have the photos as evidence.

Page 6 - History. dtypeosfront

During my service in the RAF, my hobby was restoring classic cars. I have also been involved with the Jaguar drivers & Alfa Romeo Owners clubs & I was once Chairman of the Giulietta Register.

Page 6 - History. dtypeatspeed

Once I left the RAF I built my own business selling, restoring, servicing, inspecting & valuing classic cars. I also started unique classic car courses within the trade. These courses include, 'How to Buy a Classic Car', 'How to be a Classic Car Dealer', 'How to maintain Your Classic' & A Day at the Auction'. I have built a reputation for excellence within the classic car trade; you see I can be sensible?

I now promote my business, John Williams Classic Cars Limited and focus on high quality vintage, classic and sportscars. If you have a special motor car you wish to sell then please call me and find out how I may achieve the best audience and price for cherished possession.

Page 6 - History. dtypefin

My passion is real. I wish to share this & my many experiences. You are welcome to come & share with me.

Kind regards

John Williams

Giulia 50th anniversary 2012

Balocco entrance, the British contingent. From left to right; John Williams, Marco Martino, Theresa Martino and Alfa Romeo Club Chairman, Ken Carrington.

Page 6 - History. Giulia Balocco

Page 6 - History. Giulia museum

John Williams, travelled to Monza and Balocco in Italy to celebrate 50 years of the Alfa Romeo Giulia 105 series of cars. Accompanying him was the Alfa Romeo Owners Club Chairman, Ken Carrington. The trip was successfully be made in John’s 1972 Giulia Super 1.3, now uprated to 2.0 litres.

In preparation for the trip, John had completely rebuilt the suspension with further works to the brakes. Peter Landers at Sigma Engineering in Dorset transformed the performance by setting the car up on the rolling road. This meant re-jetting the carburettors, removing all the play in the distributor and advancing the advance curve which has meant a smooth accelerating car with virtually a flat torque curve reading. With the new suspension set up and tuning, Ken says after driving it; “this car cannot be bettered”, praise indeed.

The preparation paid off as the car performed without fault, even in 30 degrees heat, traffic jams and mountain passes. Ken Carrington planned the route, booked the hotels, navigated as well as being a relief driver for John.

Page 6 - History. Giulia Super Bollino d'oro

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